The Urogynecology Clinic of REA is located in a specially designed area on the 2nd floor of the Hospital. It is staffed by Obstetricians - Gynecologists and Urologists, specialized in Urogynecology, as well as by appropriately trained nursing staff.

The aim of the department is to investigate and treat pathological conditions of the pelvic area (pelvic relaxation, pelvic organ prolapse), urinary incontinence, and other common problems such as chronic pelvic pain and recurrent urinary tract infections.

A clinical gynecological examination is performed at the Clinic of Urogynecology of REA and a detailed history is taken that establishes the basis of the diagnosis. Later, modern diagnostic approaches and, in particular, the urodynamic study can lead to a more accurate classification of each case (stress incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence).

The Clinic of Urogynecology of REA has the possibility of urodynamic testing, including urometry and multichannel cystometry, during bladder filling and urination.

Depending on the clinical findings and the type of incontinence, specialized doctors propose reliable and safe treatment choices.

(only with appointment)
Urogynecology Clinic
2nd Floor of REA Maternity Hospital