Osteoporosis Clinic of REA Hospital provides high quality medical services to combat osteoporosis. We are willing all patients can enjoy a better living standard.


Osteoporosis can be described by a decrease in bone strength and an increased risk of fractures, which affect the quality of life and reduce the life expectancy of patients with osteoporosis. Postmenopausal women are at greater risk because the estrogen produced, that protects them against bone loss, decreases after menopause. An additional reason that affects them the most is because their bones are smaller and lighter than men's bones.However, the disease can also affect men, but also younger people. 

Clinical evaluation

Osteoporosis diagnosis can take place by Measuring Bone Density, which is measured by the dual energy beam absorption (X / DXA) method. Biochemical and hormonal parameters in the blood and urine are also necessary. 


Available treatment options for osteoporosis can achieve inhibition of bone loss, increase bone mass and reduce fracture chance. There are also medications to treat osteoporosis include calcium and vitamin D. Osteoporosis Clinic undertakes control, treatment, as well as monitoring of patients with Osteoporosis and other bone diseases separately and methodically for each patient, taking into account its special characteristics, ensuring a better standard of living.


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