Greece is the land that combines in a magical way the Mediterranean colors, the Balkan rhythm and the scents of the East. Internationally known as the birthplace of Democracy, the Western spiritual heritage and the Olympic Games, Greece is a member of the European Union. 


Facts about Greece:

  • Greece belongs to the rank of top tourism destinations in the world 
  • The Capital of Greece is Athens 
  • The official language is greek 
  • Most of the year the weather is good, most of the days are sunny 
  • The Climate is Mediterranean 
  • The currency in Greece is Euro (€) 
  • 393 Greek Beaches and 9 marinas awarded the Blue Flag for 2013 
  • 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Greece, ranking it 7th in Europe and 13th in the world 
  • Greece is an all season destination, provided ski and mountain resorts, traditional villages, a wide range of cultural events and festivals, tourism destinations for all tastes (religious destinations, sport activities as golf and trekking, summer vacations etc) 


You may visit the official page of the Greek National Tourism Organization:


Tradition in Health

Greece has a great tradition of health and well-being. Ancient Greece established fundamental principles in the Medical Science, from the Practice of Hippocrates, known as the Father of Modern Medicine. The Hippocratic Oath, the oath given by doctors refers to the ethical practice of medicine and is inspired by Hippocrates. Because of the reputation of the Medical Science in Ancient Greece, Asclepius, the God of medicine and healing in Ancient Greece, became an international symbol of medicine and healing, which is represented by the Aesculapian Snake and the Bowl of Hygieia (who was the daughter of Asclepius) which is being used as a pharmaceutical sign.