Before the Trip 

  • Contact us to learn details about the provided Medical Services, the Facilities and possibilities of your extended stay, in case you wish to visit Greece after the treatment. 
  • Before your arrival, you should communicate with us to get all the information you need about the documentation you have to bring with you, the transportation and hosting arrangements, the financial information (advance estimates for fees, deposits and payments etc), billing & insurance. Our staff will take care of your appointment scheduling.
  • Give us information and instructions about special demands (if any), such as nutrition preferences, allergies e.t.c. 


During your Stay
REA Hospital offers a warm and friendly environment to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The personnel of the International Patient Department will welcome you and assist you in the best way from you Admission to your Discharge process. 

The International Patient Department provides guests with informative leaflets for each medical department and is supported by the help desk and a 24h hotline as well.

Back Home
Your feedback is valuable for us! 


At REA Hospital, we understand and satisfy to the utmost the needs of our patients and are committed to ensuring a unique experience of care and hospitality. To assess your satisfaction and help us to improve our service, you can complete a relative questionnaire provided by the International Patients Department.


We believe that every patient is unique and we will be glad to keep in touch with you after your hospitalization. If you wish to receive our newsletter, information about new services or offers, please fill the online form specially provided, or the relevant field of the assessment form of the hard copy that the International Patients Department will provide you with. 

You can also communicate with us online, via e-mail or facebook.