REA Maternity Hospital, at its -1st level, features the most modern Childbirth and Caesarean section rooms, which are staffed with experienced and specialized medical and nursing staff.

The Delivery rooms (Labors and Midwifery) are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery so that there is no need to move the woman from the initial stage of labor until delivery.

The Operating Rooms, where the caesarean sections are performed, operate with the most modern equipment, utilizing every digital infrastructure.

In the premises of the Deliveries’ Room and in the Operating Rooms, there is the Recovery area, where new mothers stay about 2 hours after delivery for observation.

At the same level is the Stabilization Area for Neonates in which the newborns remain after delivery in order to adapt to their new environment.

REA follows the most modern concepts of maternal and newborn care from the first moment of birth. A typical example is the practice of midwives in the Centers of Labor and Surgery, to place the baby on the mother immediately after childbirth, in order to encourage and support the process of breastfeeding.