Rooming in

REA has adopted the most up-to-date concepts for women and newborn care. All mothers, regardless of room category, may ask to have their baby in their room (rooming in), if they wish to, in order to familiarise themselves with their baby's care and breastfeeding, together with the midwives’ support.

Paediatric care

Excellent paediatricians are responsible for newborns’ initial evaluation and further follow-up right after birth with diagnostic and laboratory examinations and provide daily updates to mothers and the appropriate instructions about the first days with their babies.

Nutrition & Psychological support

REA Maternity Hospital offers plenty of services during pregnancy, like diet advice and psychological preparation of pregnant women for the baby to come and seminars on breastfeeding, care and safety for babies. Specialised psychologists provide consulting services and psychological support to pregnant women, in cases of postpartum depression, to couples that are in an assisted reproduction program, to parents with a preterm baby aiming to restore the psychological connection between the mother and baby and to patients diagnosed with malignancies.

Breastfeeding Helpine

With a well-trained support department and  helpline, we are able to provide assistance with breastfeeding and baby care and safety issues as well as psychological support services.