The Otolaryngologist/ENT team of REA is made up of renowned physicians with rich scientific work and long-term further training. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, the Department covers all sub-specializations of ENT and can provide solutions to all head and neck problems.

The newly established ENT Department provides high-quality health services based on the latest scientific developments across the broad spectrum of otorhinolaryngology.


In the field of rhinology, the endoscopic unit of the clinic helps in diagnosing and is the first step in treating a variety of conditions that make breathing difficult. More specifically, allergic rhinitis is treated using specialized protocols, with the aim of optimizing the effect and minimizing the use of drugs. Sinusitis and other chronic rhinitis are treated apart with medication, with modern methods of functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Patients with snoring and apnea can be treated with specific endoscopic occlusion and personalized treatment, conservative and surgical treatment. In addition, modern techniques for surgical repair of nasal scoliosis and lower nerve hypertrophy can improve breathing from the nose and automatically improve the quality of life of the sufferers.

Dizziness and vertigo are very common problems in the population. The team has extensive experience in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of these problems, with targeted clinical examination and non-pharmacological intervention in several cases. In particular, special vertigo and instability rehabilitation exercises, which are recognized by the worldwide literature, are used. Confocalmicroscopy and complete hearing screening (tympanometry, audiometry) provide the ability to diagnose the degree and cause of hearing impairment and tinnitus, as well as treating them with pharmaceutical or non-therapeutic protocols.

The endoscopy of the larynx (laryngoscopy) is a basic tool in phoniatry and leads to precise localization of the cause of hoarseness-dysphonia (polyps and nodules - "calluses" of the vocal folds) and swallowing problems. Personalized therapeutic approaches and vocal hygiene tips to patients and vocalists (singers, actors, teachers, etc.) improve vocal quality.

The group's experience in cervical surgery in benign and malignant conditions enable the treatment of thyroid, salivary (parotid, sub-maxillary), lymph nodes, moles and multiple head and neck injuries.

The ENT Department of REA conducts a wide range of ENT operations, with modern techniques and high-quality hospitalization services, which thousands of patients enjoy each year.


Working hours:
08:00 - 20:00
ENT Department
2nd floor