The Oncology Unit ODC of REA Hospital aims at diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic care excellence of oncology patients, providing high quality services, with discretion and safety to patients. 

The Oncology Unit is staffed by qualified oncologists, with highly scientific training. Moreover, the nursing staff is certified in the field of Nursing Oncology by the Hellenic Nurses' Association  and the European Society of Nursing Oncology (EONS).

All cases of malignant neoplasms are treated  in accordance with international standards of quality care. The admission, examination and treatment procedures are performed at the Unit, so the patient does not have to move to other departments of the hospital. The room of dissolution of cytostatic drugs meets all international standards.

The Unit has 15 chamotherapy armchairs (12 individual rooms and one room with three seats), with modern drug infusion pumps for safe chemotherapy administration. Moreover, the Unit provides cryopreservation headset, the most effective method to prevent alopecia that appears as a side effect of chemotherapy. REA Hospital has made sure that the Unit will be as pleasant as possible, with a modern aesthetic, while interactive televisions (smart TVs) are available to entertain the patients and their attendants.

In the context of providing comprehensive health services, the Oncology Unit colaborates with all diagnostic departments of REA (Central Laboratories, Pathology Laboratory, Cytological Laboratory, Department of Medical Imaging, Breast Diagnostic Center, etc.).

Furtermore, every week the Oncology Council of REA- which is conducted by specialized scientists with many years of experience-meets every week, where ocological incidents of all specialties are being presented, in order to optimally treat patients.