After the birth, parents are requested in 2-3 working days to visit the Birth Registration Department on the 1st Floor of the Clinic to declare the birth of their child.

Please note that, if the above declaration is not made within ten (10) days from the birth, an administrative fine of one hundred (100) Euros shall be imposed (art. 49 par. 1 of L. 4144/2013).


The citizen (parent/ whoever is exercising the parental care) submits to the employee of
the Patient Admission Office/Department only the necessary identification documents
of the two parents. By Greek law, these are:

  • in the case of Greek citizens, the identity card or the passport or the driving license
    or the individual health booklet (article 25 of law 3731/2008- Government Gazette
    A’ 263), whether in force or not,
    • in the case of citizens of a Member State of the European Union, the valid identity
    card or passport of their country,
    • in the case of third-country nationals, a valid passport or other travel document
    recognized by international conventions, as well as a visa to enter our country or a
    residence permit proving that they have entered and live legally in the country. Another
    case is the Applicant for International Protection (Ministerial Decision 4831 /
    Government Gazette Β΄ 1841/2013), to those who have been granted asylum.

*Note: In order to apply for the maternity allowance,  parents are requested to be aware of  the TIN, AMKA, email of the mother, their Insurance Institutions and the  IBAN number  having the newborn mother as beneficiary or co-beneficiary.

Brief Guide-Digital Birth Registration


REA Birth Registration Department: +30 210 9495323

Municipality Registry Office  +30 :213 2020221 - 219 - 341

Working hours:
08:30 - 13:30