After the birth, parents are requested in 2-3 working days to visit the Birth Registration Department on the 1st Floor of the Clinic to declare the birth of their child.

Please note that, if the above declaration is not made within ten (10) days from the birth, an administrative fine of one hundred (100) Euros shall be imposed (art. 49 par. 1 of L. 4144/2013).


1. I.D. cards of both parents (originals and 2 copies of each I.D. card).

2. Recent marriage certificate of the parents or cohabitation certificate of the parents issued in the last 6 months (2 photocopies).

3. Certificate of Family Status, issued in the last 6 months (2 photocopies).

a. When there is no joint family register, the submission of a family status certificate issued by the Municipality were the father of the newborn is registered is required.

b. When there is no marriage, or cohabitation certificate of the parents of the neonatal, the submission of the mothers’ family status certificate is required.

4. Child surname determination act (only when the surname of the child is not mentioned on the marriage certificate or the cohabitation certificate).

5. When the parents are foreigners, they must submit:

• Passports (originals and 2 copies of each passport).

• Marriage certificate of the parents, translated with an Apostille stamp for the countries that have signed the Hague convention or with the signature and stamp of the Ambassador (stamp-signature ratification and translation into Greek by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by a Law Firm)

Working hours:
08:30 - 13:30