Emergency Measures due to COVID-19

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health & EODY and respecting the national effort to defend Public Health against Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you about the following temporary changes in the Operation of the Hospital:

  • At the Entrance of the Hospital your body temperature will be monitored electronically
  • Central Laboratories operate in a separate isolated space with entrance from 383 L. Syggrou Ave., 175 Paleo Faliro.
  • Fertility & In Vitro Fertilization Unit will operate in a separate isolated area with entrance from 17 Pentelis Street, Paleo Faliro


·         The entrance of the Hospital for all the other departments will be from 17 Pentelis Street, Paleo Faliro. (Receipt Entry)·         Visitors are not allowed. Every patient can have an attendant, who should be declared at admission and will receive a special permit. ·         Escorts should be aware of the application of contact precautions (hand disinfection, use of mask, etc.).·         Escorts with any symptom indicative of an upper respiratory infection (fever, decimal fever, cough, pharyngal pain, runny nose) can not be allowed Thank you in advance for your cooperation.