Colposcopy is a special examination of the cervix when there is an abnormal Pap smear. Though magnifying lenses, the doctor uses a special dye to stain the cervix and looks for the areas responsible for the damaged cells detected in Pap smear, examining the cervical surface and blood vessels presence and configuration. If such areas are detected, the doctor may conduct certain biopsies in order to verify the damage extent.

It is an absolutely painless examination. Some women may have a burning sensation after the cervix is covered with acetic acid solution. When a biopsy is being taken, they may feel a slight pinch or pain that may be eliminated if the woman relaxes and takes some deep breaths.

Colposcopy is used for diagnosis in case of a positive Pap-test for HPV – Human Papilloma Virus, persistent cervical inflammations accompanied by an inadequate Pap-test and for the regular follow-up process after certain treatments (Laser - Loop - Cryotherapy).