In REA’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the patient’s condition can be stabilized and the patient can recover until being able to be treated with typical nursing methods.

REA’s Intensive Care Unit personnel has the goodwill, technical skills, knowledge, and experience required to provide what modern medicine has to offer. The ICU is supplied with modern and proper equipment and all doctors and nurses are exclusively engaged in the treatment of patients in critical condition.

Admission and discharge in ICU, follow-up, hospitalization, and treatment of patients are performed at ICU doctors’ responsibility, in cooperation with the treating physicians and the doctors of the expertise required for a better treatment, according to internationally adopted criteria and protocols.

Doctors of Intensive Care Unit:

  • Moles Athanasios (Director of ICU)

  • Koroneos Vasilios

  • Opsimoulis Panagiotis

  • Anastasaki Aikaterini

  • Goga Christina

  • Mantzioros Athanasios

Visiting Hours:

12:30 - 13:00 & 19:00 - 19:30

Contact Phone: