The Axial Tomograph is a multidimensional, state-of-the-art high definition 64-slice CT scanner, with an idose system to reduce radiation and adjust to the dose required according to the patient's body type.

It is possible to carry out all examinations within a few seconds, as well as angiograms in all the systems, including angiocardiogram. The results of the examinations are also provided in electronic form.

CT Angiography is a non-invasive examination that determines the extent and severity of coronary heart disease with a high degree of precision.

It identifies a subclinical disease that could not be detected in a routine stress test. Plaque characterization, soft, distressed or mixed can provide qualitative information in the risk assessment and therapeutic approach. Beyond the lumen evaluation, it is the only bloodless method available in wall evaluation and it is possible to accurately estimate the overall atherosclerotic burden and assess the antilipidemic treatment.

With the same examination, functional parameters such as extrusion fraction, cavity volume, wall thickness, and mobility are evaluated.


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