Breastfeeding is a fundamental right for every newborn and mother, it is the continuation of the natural relationship that has been developed since the first moment of conception and continues to be strengthened during their common life. Nowadays, defending, supporting and promoting Maternal Breastfeeding is the goal of all of us.

At REA Maternity Hospital, with the assistance of experienced and specialized nursing staff, we stand next to you and your baby, providing you with a warm and relaxed environment, as well as with all the valuable tips and advice in order to go through this unique experience of Maternal Breastfeeding.

From the very first moments of birth, it is important for the mother and the baby to come together and experience this unique feeling. In the delivery room, the newborn is placed on his/her mother's chest for as long as necessary until she/she can breastfeed for the first time, thus enhancing skin-to-skin contact, which is very important for successful breastfeeding in the future.

On the nursing floors, there is the possibility of "rooming-in", in other words, the newborn staying next to his/her mother for the whole day and throughout their stay in the maternity hospital. It has been proven that the baby's stay by his/her mother's side strengthens the relationship between them and establishes the foundation for exclusive breastfeeding.

REA Maternity Hospital organizes completely free daily Breastfeeding Seminars

The specialized and highly trained staff is close to the new mother, ready to assist and support her important effort, and will be alongside her even after she leaves the maternity hospital through the counseling and support line that will be created with the purpose to address any problems or queries that may occur later.

REA’s role is also very important for infants who are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit. Even in cases where the newborn has to be separated from its mother, an effort is made by the Intensive Nursing Unit's specially trained staff so that mothers who have prematurely delivered their babies keep their mother's milk for as long as possible.

Particularly for a premature infant, breast milk is the ideal food (recent studies have shown that the milk of mothers who deliver prematurely is significantly higher in total protein content than women who deliver normally). This effort is made by using the breast pump immediately and as long as the premature infant will not be able to breastfeed, thus it creates a unique milk bank for it. So when the premature baby is able to be fed, it is possible for him/her to be given his/her mother's milk immediately. However, once his/her general state of health permits it, he/she is placed on his/her mother's chest and with the right education we promote and introduce maternal breastfeeding in premature babies.

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