REA Hospital’s Pulmonology Clinic operates within the newly established outpatients facilities and can provide management of any condition of the respiratory system.

It works closely together with other Departments and Laboratories of REA Hospital, such as the Adult Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiology Department, the departments of Oncology, Radiology, Infectious Diseases, Pathology, Central Laboratories, etc.

The pulmonology clinic is staffed by experienced medical and nursing personnel and is equipped with all necessary technological infrastructure to tackle a diverse range of diagnostic and therapeutic challenges that are brought every day.

The pulmonology clinic performs the following tests:

  • Spirometry and pre- / post-bronchodilator testing
  • Blood gases - Oximetry

Spirometry and pre- / post-bronchodilator testing
Spirometry is an easy and safe test that gives us valuable information on lung function and contributes effectively to diagnosis and monitoring of lung diseases. The test is painless and usually lasts for less than 10 minutes.


How is the test performed?
The test requires a strong blow into the spirometer, which measures how much air you can blow from your lungs and how fast you can exhale.

Who is spirometry for?

  • Smokers (that used to smoke or currently smoke) that are above 40 years of age
  • Persons that cough a lot
  • Persons that are easily out of breath when walking fast
  • Persons that worry about their lungs’ health
  • Persons that already receive treatment for any lung disease


Blood gases - Oximetry
Arterial blood gas testing is used to assess how well lungs take up and transfer oxygen to blood as well as how well they pick up carbon dioxide from the blood. Arterial blood gas tests measure the blood pH and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in an artery.


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