The Neurology Clinic of REA Maternity Hospital has been created in order to cover the needs of inpatients and outpatients.  The aim of the clinic is to provide specialized support and care concerning neurological disorders. 

The Neurology Clinic of REA Maternity Hospital treats cases such as: 

  • Headaches - Vertigo: Investigation, Diagnosis and treatment for all types of headaches, migraine, primary or secondary neuralgia causes during reproductive age or menopause.


  • Epilepsy syndromes or demyelinating disease before or during pregnancy and postpartum period for the purpose of efficiently treating both the woman and the neonate.

  • Elderly women and men who suffer from memory disorders, Parkinson’s disease and other relevant diseases.

  • Various autoimmune neurologic disorders (myasthenic syndromes and polyneuropathy) that affect both women and men.

  • Outpatient Clinic 

  • Neurology Clinic


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