By developing the Energy Management System ISO 50001:2011, REA Maternity Hospital acknowledges its responsibilities and obligations regarding the environment and the natural resources it manages, and it undertakes:

  • To improve the energy efficiency of the hospital, by implementing the Energy Management System and good practices
  • To provide all such resources and information as required to achieve the aims set by the Energy Management System
  • To fully apply Greek and EU legislation on the environment and other requirements or obligations of compliance that the hospital has accepted in writing that are related to the usage and consumption of energy as well as the energy efficiency of the hospital
  • To plan and operate the hospital, to reduce energy consumption, to tackle climate change, energy efficiency and savings on natural resources throughout the lifetime of services provided
  • To be supplied with products and services of high energy efficiency
  • To provide lifelong learning, training and incentives to its staff, promoting their energy and environmental awareness
  • To assess on an annual basis its energy efficiency and to set new aims of continuous improvement
  • To see to the adoption of its energy policy by its suppliers and collaborators

This policy is notified to and supported by all employees of the hospital, which is a prerequisite for the effective implementation of the Energy Management System.