The aim of REA is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of patients and newborns. For this reason, the clinic recognizes its duty to manage food safety in the departments involved in their production and distribution.

Management undertakes to ensure the following:

  • full compliance of the departments with food legislation;
  • that foods are always handled properly so that risks be reduced;
  • strict adherence to hygiene rules;
  • that all employees in the department act on the basis of this policy;
  • that the requirements of interested parties are recognized and action is taken to cover them.


As part of this effort, the clinic shall establish and comply with a strict hygiene and safety policy for the food supplied, which consists of the following:

  1. adhering precisely to the Food Safety Management System developed in accordance with ISO 22000 and its new -continuously improved- versions;
  2. consistently identifying the external and internal issues concerning the Food Safety Management System of the clinic and taking actions to align the system with its general strategy;
  3. strictly following all relevant Procedures;
  4. continuously conducting training of staff on food hygiene and safety;
  5. continuously verifying the system;
  6. monitoring all critical points and prerequisites of the production process;
  7. ensuring the necessary resources for the maintenance and updating of the System, the purchase of new, modern equipment, the improvement of facilities, infrastructure and the working environment;
  8. maintaining the channels of communication with our suppliers, customers and authorities;
  9. always monitoring and applying the legislation;
  10. supporting the staff of the clinic for the maintenance of the Food Safety Management System;
  11. employing trained staff that has acquired a strong Corporate Culture regarding the Safety of Products, is fully aware of its responsibilities towards Consumers and can, acting in an ethical manner, effectively manage all issues related to the safe consumption of the Corporate Products;


At the same time, measurable targets have been set for food safety. These targets are constantly monitored so that they can be achieved.

All of the above ensure the fulfillment of our desired goals and make us feel confident about the food we offer you.