Recognizing the value of breastfeeding, UNICEF and the World Health Organization have established the "Baby Friendly" Hospitals Initiative that is defined by the following 10 conditions:

      1. A written policy is followed by all maternity care providers that are
        involved in the care of the newborn
      2. Staff is properly trained and apply this policy
      3. All mothers are informed about the benefits of breastfeeding
      4. Breastfeeding begins the first half-hour after childbirth with the
        help of trained staff
      5. Mothers are trained in the art of breastfeeding. In the case of
        premature labor and forced separation from their child, mothers
        are trained to maintain lactation
      6. The newborn is given only breast milk, neither liquids nor supplements
        of foreign milk unless there is a special medical reason
      7. The rooming-in system, which means that the newborn stays with
        his/her mother, 24 hours a day, is applied
      8. Breastfeeding is free and unlimited
      9. Pacifiers are not given to breast-fed children
      10. Establishment of support groups for breastfeeding even after leaving
        the maternity hospital, in which mothers participate


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