Documentation required for admission

The following identification /documents are required for your admission to REA Maternity Gynecology Clinic:

  • Identification card or passport
  • Social Security Registration Number (AMKA)
  • Referral from your doctor (if applicable)
  • Admission for childbirth




During check-in visit the Patient Admissions Office for a quick recording of your information details, such as:

  • Type of delivery (natural birth or C-section)
  • Your Doctor’s name.
  • Your husband’s surname (if married) or yours (if you are single). The procedures set out by law shall apply in all other cases.
  • Patient room type


As soon as your details are recorded and the preferred room type is stated, you will be escorted to the pre-delivery room for the necessary procedures.

You will be then taken to the Delivery Room, where only your husband may be present (in case of natural childbirth only).

After delivery, you will remain in the recovery room and your baby will be examined by the Clinic Pediatrician in the Newborn Stabilization Room. You and your baby will remain and be monitored in these rooms for at least two hours.

You will be moved then to your patient room with your doctor’s consent. Your newborn baby will be moved to the Newborn Baby Ward on the same floor as your room or to your room if you so wish unless monitoring in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is required.