REA has a capacity of 180 beds and has the following room types:

•   Suite

•   Lux

•   Single

•   Double room

•   Economy Double room

•   Triple room 

All rooms are of high aesthetics, air-conditioned and equipped with modern hospital appliances.

The cutting-edge touchscreen monitors give you the ability to navigate the internet for free, as well as access to services such as television, video on demand, telephone, calls to nursing staff, etc.

For obstetrics, rooming in is available in all nursing rooms, in order to have your baby in your room 24 hours a day, if you wish to do so.

The Hospital operates in accordance with the strictest international standards concerning hygiene and cleanliness. The training of nursing staff for proper hand washing, antibiotic control by doctors, and observance of asepsis rules are systematically monitored by the Protocols of the Infection Control Committee for the prevention of hospital infections.

The safety of patients and neonates is one of the most important factors in the operation of REA. Security staff with security cameras at all levels ensure complete control of the common areas on a 24-hour basis.

Special importance has been given to the feeding of the hospitalized. REA has chosen to prepare meals with its own staff. The Central Kitchen of the Hospital is certified with an ISO certificate, operating according to the HACCP rules. The daily diet menu is supervised by the Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist of the Hospital and alternates every day. The products provided are of high quality and are cooked daily under the supervision of the Hospital's chef.

The maternity ward maintains and processes a patient's personal data file only following the patient's own consent and is kept strictly confidential by REA according to Law 2472/1997. The companies cooperating with the maternity hospital have access to the patient's personal data and other sensitive information only following the patient's written consent.