When you are admitted to REA Maternity Hospital for a surgery, ODS and minor operations, contact the Admissions Patient Office for a brief entry of your details.

Necessary supporting documents:

  • Identity card or passport (minors must present the Police Identity Card of their parents’)
  • Health insurance card of the directly insured person (if EOPYY is used)
  • Social Insurance Identification Number (AMKA) as well as the AMKA of the directly insured person if you are a protected member
  • Medical Note from the attending physician (if available)

With the current Law, for any admission to our hospital a molecular test is required within 24 hours, which can be performed either at the specialized COVID Department of the REA, or at another similar Center.


In case of private health insurance, you should additionally provide:

  • Insurer's membership card
  • Insurance Policy Number


It is important to know the hospital room class you are entitled to, under our insurance policy.