Photography Department of REA Hospital has assumed to capture your baby΄s life first moments.

This photo shoot takes place in special conditions, by keeping all safety and hygiene regulations and by taking photos without using flash.

Great attention has been paid to the protection of personal data. If you do not wish to purchase the photo package, the printed material is destroyed, while the electronic file is kept for 3 months in the company record and then it is deleted.

The photo package includes (a digital album, a mug, a frame with a baby's picture and a cd, which has 5 digital photos). The purchase for your baby costs 60 euros (VAT included) *In case you buy it, the package cost is included to the Hospital's invoice.

In case you are interested in reprinting the photo package or for further information, please contact with the Department of Photography of REA Hospital in the following phone number: 210 9495888 (Daily: 08:00-16:00) or in

We wish you and your baby much health and happiness!

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